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Don’t get me wrong, driving brand awareness is a good idea but it should be just one of the results your overall strategy accomplishes. To make branding a focus of your marketing efforts ignores all of the data we have at our disposal. People are far less brand loyal because technology offers too many choices.

All you have to do is Google the phrase “people are less loyal to brands” and you will find over 15 million links supporting that conclusion. The data is everywhere and is simply undeniable.




Millennials, high end consumers, B2B buyers and just about every other customer group falls into this category with the exception of the elderly. Therefore, capitalizing a pure branding strategy leaves out a lot of opportunity. As technology advances and smartphone/tablet adoption rates continue to soar, this trend is likely to continue and even escalate. So why are so many marketers still touting branding as the solution to marketing ROI woes? The answer lies within the 2014 definition of branding coined by AI:




Branding: A marketing strategy leveraged by those living in the past fully unaware of technology trends and how to capitalize on them using technological solutions.  

The point is traditional branding does not offer the results it once did. Today’s successful marketing campaigns delivering the highest ROI, leverage technology and timing to drive quantifiable results. Our clients achieve solid market positioning and recognizable brands through customer acquisition. We drive brand awareness by making the right offer, to the right group people, at the right time and through the right communication platform.  


Markets are hyper competitive and telling a story isn’t always practical.  Sometimes you just have to know what customers want and deliver it to them at just the right time.  Let your market domination be your branding story.  

That’s where we come in.  


Branding is NOT a Strategy in 2014!

Today's communication requires a new approach

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